YAMAZAKI 18, 19 Feb 2013

Affectionately known in our circles as Yami 18, Yamazaki 18 is never a disappointment, not matter how many times you have it. This was our second go at this, but not intentionally. Brother Rich had secured a bottle of Kavalan Solist for this particular meeting, and did the unthinkable. Dropped it down the stairs to the waiting concrete floor of his garage. It bounced and bounced, and then bounced no more. Sadness. Bellamy liquor never disappoints though, and Brother Rich had another world whisky in the $150+ range. One we had enjoyed previously, but never tire of. Was just looking to steal the tasting notes from April 2011, and there aren’t any. Woe is me. Alrighty then.


Thoughts on Yamazaki 18

Noses of raisins or sultanas and other fruits.  Possibly cinnamon apple. Fruity oily mouthfeel. Thick and coats the mouth. Oaky Spiciness .  Malt and a hint of smoke. Big thick malt certainly full bodied. Slight cherry hints. Complex.  Long finish with tones of boiled fruit, maybe prunes. Without a doubt we would pick one up despite the cost, for the cabinet.

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Co-Founder of The Pacific Whisky Society, and currently the Depository Archivist of PWS: Victoria.
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