Woodford Reserve Master Collection New & Aged Cask Rye – 07 October 2013

Produced at: Woodford Reserve Distillery.

Description: Founded in 1838 by Elijah Craig, Woodford Reserve Distillery is the oldest Kentucky bourbon distillery still in operation today. Under the stewardship of Oscar Pepper, Craig’s oldest son, and master distiller James Crow, the distillery improved and modernized the process of producing whiskey in the United States – it introduced the concepts of sour mashing, yeast propagation and copper pot distillation. A slightly different addition to the Woodford Reserve Masters Collection – a pair of half bottles of rye whiskies, one aged in a new American cask (like almost all other American whiskies) and the other in a refill cask that once held bourbon. The former shows off the casks flavours and the latter those of the spirit – an interesting examination of maturation process.

Type: Whisky/Whiskey, American Rye
Expression: Reserve New & Aged
ABV: 47.2%

Tasting Notes:

Woodford Reserve New Cask Rye Whiskey has an aroma of brown sugar, caramel and a hint of spice. The aroma opens up to notes of cinnamon, woody spices and honey on the palate, and leads to a lingering, spicy finish that is noticeably warm.

Woodford Reserve Aged Cask Rye has a lighter color than New Cask Rye, along with an aroma of honey and molasses. The initial notes of brown sugar, toffee and milk chocolate are complemented by notes of burnt sugar and caramelized oranges, and lead to a smooth, soft finish.


Bottle #28 A-B

90%  of our Expression members in attendance loved this duo Rye!

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  1. Claude Richard says:

    Funny thing was, everyone thought they were tasting the Aged Cask instead of the New Cask because the taste of the the New Cask was more elaborated (more nose, palate, and finish was more present)

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