When one looks at the Pacific Whisky Society, something quickly becomes apparent. Very few of our Society Expressions (chapters) are located anywhere near the Pacific. Well, not that many outlets of Kentucky Fried Chicken are actually in Kentucky, but the first one sure was. It was the Pacific that brought together a group of soldiers, sailors and friends: all of whom shared an affinity for the water of life. This ‘Band of Brothers’, as so many often do, formed in the name of camaraderie, around a  common interest, and began pooling their money in order to attain the previously unattainable. This was the birth of the Pacific Whisky Society. As the name we chose indicates, we had an affinity to the Pacific Ocean, and had no thoughts of expanding beyond the immediate area.

One thing  is constant in the military:  soldiers and sailors get posted every couple of years. As posting messages started rolling in, Brothers began to realize that they would be leaving the Brotherhood they had created. This didn’t sit well with them, so naturally they took the Society with them. In no time, the 12 founding Brothers of the Pacific Whisky Society, became dozens of Brothers in Society Expressions all across the country. And just as Kentucky Fried Chicken transformed into KFC to break regional boundaries, the Pacific Whisky Society broke free of the majestic power of the Pacific to become the PWS.

We are PWS: Victoria, located on Vancouver Island in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. We are the proud, founding Expression of the Pacific Whisky Society. We enjoy all things whisky and whiskey, and if you frequent local Jim Murray events or the Victoria Whisky Festival, you will eventually bump into one of our colourful characters. We are always looking to meet like-minded people.

Some of the great people that make PWS: Victoria, the super group that it is.

About Al McColl

Co-Founder of The Pacific Whisky Society, and currently the Depository Archivist of PWS: Victoria.
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