Robert Burns Single Malt – Isle of Arran Distilleries 12 March 2010

I believe it to have been privilege to be the first to present a bottle to our newly formed society.  The key to my choosing this particular bottle was the association with Robert Burns.  Whether or not it was the excitement of enjoying this dram in the company of my Brother-in-Whisky, or the whisky itself that made this one so enjoyable, but none the less it was enjoyed by all.

If ever there was an ‘aperitif’ malt whisky, then this is it. Without any peat used in the distilling process and no artificial colouring, this light aromatic malt is ideal for drinking, prior to or during a meal. A younger malt, in memory of Robert Burns, this beautifully packaged malt is made for easy drinking.

Notes from the Bottle:  Bottled under the Robert Burns label, this version of the Arran Single Malt is wonderfully aromatic with hints of apple, vanilla and citrus fruits.  Light and crisp but ever so smooth and gentle, the whisky dances on the palate,.  This is the perfect dram with which to toast the Bard

Notes from the Isle of Arran Distillery

Colour: Brass gold, Sauterns

Nose: Fresh green apples, pear drops, cider, hints of vanilla

Taste: Apples and sherbet, lemon meringue pie, vanilla

Finish: Light and crisp – but ever so smooth and gentle – it dances on the tongue. An excellent aperitif with soft apple and gentle spiciness – a whisky calvados!


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