Old Pulteney 21 Year Old 17 June 2013

Old Pulteney 21Yo has been on my wish list of whiskies to taste since the early days of PWS Upper Canada.  Having been afforded the privilege of  presenting a range 4 bottle ($150+) of Scotch, I decided that it was time to pick up a bottle. I am happy to report that it did not disappoint.  Part of my interest in this bottle stemmed from the review that Jim Murray gave this bottle in 2012.  If Jim gives it the highest score of any whisky he has ever tasted, then I am definitely interested.  I can say that I have had the very odd one that Jim and I don’t agree on, but I think he nailed this one.  While admittedly I am unable to taste all of what Jim describes in his tasting notes, I certainly get the citrus, spice, and licorice. With an incredibly long finish, I find myself chewing on its big flavour minutes later.  I find that its final notes remind me of pipe tobacco.  In very limited supply, there are only about 15 bottle left within the LCBO. Although it is likely worth of the $230 per bottle price tag, this isn’t one that I am able to rush out to purchase for my own collection.  I do; however, certainly look forward to tasting it again one day. This expression was also shared by the Brothers of PWS Victoria in October of 2012.

Old Pulteney is the northern most distillery on the mainland of Scotland.  Located in the town of Wick the distillery started operations in 1826.  The distillery website features at great video which share the story of Wick.




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