Masterson’s 10 Yrs – 23 June 2014

Produced at: Alberta Distillery.

Description: Bat Masterson was born in Canada, but made his fame in the US as a frontier lawman in the American Old West. Masterson’s 10 Year Old was born in Canada, but got it’s name (and bottling, packaging and distribution) in the US as an American Rye Whiskey. Are the similarities between the two coincidence? I think not. I’ve written on here my frustration with Canadian rye whiskies that are distilled in Canada, then sent to the US where they are bottled and sold back to us. Both Royal Canadian Small Batch, and especially this one, are very good whiskies that I wish we could genuinely call our own. This spirit originally comes from Alberta Distillers, the greatest Canadian straight rye distiller, then aged in white-oak casks.

Type: Canadian Rye
Age: 10 Yrs
ABV: 45%

Tasting Notes:

Colour: dark copper with gold highlights
Nose: linseed oil, grapefruit pith, hot pepper, dill pickle potato chips – a fantastic rye nose, crisp and biting. With water, more dill pickle, also spun sugar.
Palate: you get good heat, lots of rye grain, ginger, and mild cigar tobacco. Gets creamier with water. Absolutely wonderful Canadian straight rye flavour, very familiar to me.
Finish: is long but gentle, with more grapefruit pith and a hint of vanilla.


This is a fantastic rye, one of the very best Canadian whiskies I’ve had. Whisky Advocate rates this a 94, the highest rated whisky of its Spring 2013 issue, and Jim Murray awards it 2013 Canadian Whisky of the Year (scoring a 96.5, also from batch 003).

Bottle #38


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  1. Great review Claude – thank you. It is a shame the Masterson’s is not a “truly” Canadian whiskey.

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