Kavalan Concertmaster Single Malt Whisky

Kavalan Concertmaster Single Malt Whisky is produced at Kavalan Distillery in Yilan in the northeast of Taiwan. This bottling was first matured in selected American oak casks and then finished in port barriques using Portuguese ruby, tawny and vintage Port wine casks as the main flavour. The recipe contains different types of casks – fresh bourbon, fresh sherry and refill casks rendering the spirit a multiplayer of fruity and floral notes. It’s Nose offers an interesting aroma of port mixed with baking spices, sharp green apple and vanilla while it body is smooth and vanilla flavoured will at the same time tasting of apple candy and spices in the middle.  It has a sharpness to its finish leaving a spicy aftertaste.  The bottle needs time to open up making it much fruitier. The tasting bottle was purchased the Terry Fox and Campeau (Centrum) LCBO location for 113.00 CAD.

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  1. Eric – Enjoyed your review, including the cask information. Tasted the Kavalan Concertmaster last December and scored it 84. A delightful spicy dram with ginger notes ever present. (My view.)

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