Kavalan – 25 August 2014

Produced at: King Car Whisky Distillery, Taiwanese.

Description: By utilising Taiwan’s unique natural resources and remarkable technological skills, aiming for the first whisky distillery in Taiwan, Kavalan distillery of King Car Group was founded. Kavalan group holds their initial hopes and would not give up, aiming to establish the solid foundation of the distillery. The effort goes into every drop of new make spirit and every seasoned cask we choose. Coupled with the mastery of the blender, they ensure the silky smoothness and distinctive flavours of Kavalan whisky. The first bottle of Kavalan was released in December 2008 and now it is the best-selling expression. The recipe of classic Kavalan is complex and contains different types of casks- fresh bourbon, fresh sherry and refill casks rendering the spirit a multilayer of fruity and floral notes.

Type: Whisky
ABV: 40%

Tasting Notes:
Colour:Pleasant brownish red
Nose: Tropical fruitiness with honey, vanilla, coconut and candy floss
Palate: Rich bodied with natural sweetness and complexity
Finish: Short and sweet. It has a freshness and ends with a slightly bitter spiced tang.

Silver 2011/2012/2013 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Bottle #40


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  1. Mike says:

    Hi, is there still a chapter in Ottawa for tastings?

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