High West American Prairie – 28 July 2014

Produced at: LDI & 4 Roses blended by High West.

Description: Founded in 2007 High West has gone the route of many small distilleries and created a line of unaged spirits and, most notably, blending and bottling whiskey from other distillers to help tide them over financially while their own whiskey ages. This particular bourbon is a blend of LDI and Four Roses. The LDI is a 6 year bourbon comprised of 75% corn, 20% rye and 5% barley. The Four Roses is a 10 year bourbon made up of 60% corn, 35% rye, and 5% barley malt. The 10 year Four Roses alone is a great reason to give this a go. Another reason to pick up a bottle is that High West will donate 10% of profits (after tax) from each bottle to the American Prairie Foundation which is building the largest wildlife reserve in the lower 48 states. So not only are you getting good bourbon, but you’re being a philanthropist as well.

Type: Bourbon
Age: 6 Yrs
ABV: 46%

Tasting Notes:
Colour:A nice deep amber with ruby facets
Nose: It’s a bit bitey and full of iodine. Things like dark fruit leather, overripe strawberries, hints of anise, vanilla custard, and toasted marshmallow. Add water and the caramel starts to bellow and that traditional spicy bourbon nose really kicks up.
Palate: It has a fantastic peppery pop to it that blends well with the bourbon spice and cinnamon notes. After that initial pepper pop there are nice notes of strawberry jam. Rounding out the taste is a grainy rye like flavor. Add some water and fantastic roasted corn emerges. With or without water there is a nice light oak flavor that ties the whole thing together in a nice neat package for your palate.
Finish: Cherry licorice, a hint of sherry, green apples and fresh cut grass and barley.


Bottle #39

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