Hawaiian Adventures

Day 1 of the big trip to the Big Island has started with a bang. Now that you’re expecting something exciting let me let you down gently. Got up, did the 3s’, completed some domesticated husband work (watched the weather, news and sports. Big shout out to my buddy A-Rod! If you weren’t a Yankee you’d be a dick). Turns out last night we had our first Kanata raccoon attack. Noisy little buggers tipped the garbage can but got me into Chuck Norris mode with nothing but a flashlight and knife to protect my beloved as I “cleared” each room in the house looking for victims of the Ginger wrath I was willing to lay down. Once all was clear I clawed back into bed and my wife said one of the hottest things a wife can say to you. “I’m ok with you getting a gun”. Schawing! Denny Crane.
Back to the here and now. Dearest mother drove us to YOW being the best mother out there. Well, mother in law is pretty awesome too. Not only did she bring up a great daughter but she’s looking after 4 turtles and one Linus. Quite a lady.

Security today is scary. Not a post 9-11 scary but a downtown Detroit scary. Where is everyone? It’s a ghost town in here and the whiskey selection is crap. Something is tingling my ginger senses and I’m hoping my side kick is ready to handle the potential zombie/sharknado Dante esk phenomenon that may be brewing. Or maybe my drugs are kicking in and my mind is enjoying the bliss that opiate pain killers provide.

Insert transition…I can’t spell seg-way. Breakfast was dirty, greasy and expensive. Airport like. But let’s not dwell on sustenance, it’s shopping time. MTF

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  1. Brother Al says:

    Waiting to hear about how you stumbled into the greatest boutique whiskey shop ever, and found a cherry rare Port Ellen for $26. Brother Al
    PWS: Vic

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