Glen Breton, Battle of the Glen — 5 November 2012

This whisky was born out of a success story that many of you are aware of. Glenora Distillery, is a Canadian whisky distillery in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and was the first distillery in North America to produce a single malt whisky. Glen Breton 10 yr is their core expression. In 2000 the Scotch Whisky Association took exception to a non-Scottish whisky utilizing the term Glen in its name, as they strongly believed that it would cause this Canadian Single Malt to be mistaken for Scotch. The SWA filed suit, and a lengthy legal battle ensued. After 9 years of litigation, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in favour of Glenora, and to commemorate, the distillery released a 15 YO expression titled, Battle of the Glen.

This stuff is marvellous. Some of the early 10 YO releases had soapy notes that put some off, but the extra 5 years in oak has completed eliminated this, turning them into beautiful, but subtle floral notes.

Nose: Light flowers mixed with baked apples. A candied sweetness interspersed with grainy honey.

Taste: Magnificent.  Grapefruit and citrusy sweetness up front, honey in the middle, spicy peppery finish, gives it a bit of a raw, young clumsy feel at one point, but depth and complexity definitely remove any doubt of it being 15 Years.

Finish: Med Long. Peppery and green to the end.

Only 4200 bottles were produced.

750mL, 43%, bought in BC Liquor stores for $149.99, but it’s been long gone for some time.

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