Connemara Peated Cask Strength – 17 September 2013

Produced at: Cooley Distillery.

Description: Unique to the world of Irish whiskeys, Connemara Cask Strength is the only Irish whiskey to be produced from its natural strength. Natural, undiluted and not chill-filtered or coloured in any way, the level of alcohol differs between bottlings, and so labels are printed specially for each batch. Connemara is a blend of aged whiskies, a 4 year, a 6 year and an 8 year. Company representatives tell me that the 4 year old gives the whiskey a level of vibrancy, while the 8 year old adds depth to the whiskey while the 6 year old is needed to marry them together.

Type: Whisky/Whiskey, Irish
Expression: Cask Strength
ABV: 57.9%

Tasting Notes:

Colour: Pale golden yellow.
Nose: Expressive aroma with a vibrant presence of malt and peaty smokiness.
Palate: Smooth, melodious taste with a superb mix of fruit and peat.
Finish: Strong spice bite in the finish that dominates but doesn’t overwhelm the delicious creamy peatiness.


Bottle #27

60%  of our Expression members in attendance loved this whisky!

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