Bruichladdich — The Laddie Ten — September 5th, 2012


Tasting Notes

Already familiar with the Bruichladdich story, the Brothers were excited to evaluate whether a rise to former glory was bottled in the Bruichladdich 10 Year Old single malt — The Laddie Ten. This new old dram exceeded expectations, prompting wishes for many pleasant returns around the table.

In the glass, the Laddie Ten is a clear light-golden colour with slightly amber hue.  Though a relatively younger Islay whisky, the nose possesses a natural smoke balanced with floral essences, traces of spice and a healthy whiff of salty ocean air.  Taste was equally balanced.  On entry is noted a slightly oily, silky texture as the Laddie 10 coats the tongue but does not dominate the mouth.  Notes of pepper and tastful peat continue to balance with floral accents, bourbon and a taste of vanilla likely imparted by aging in 85% bourbon casks.

Many of us agreed that the Bruichladdie Laddie 10 would be a fantastic table whisky if only it could be slightly more affordable.  Yet, a whisky this balanced and enjoyable will certainly find a home in the collection of many a Brother.


Country – Scotch Whisky

Region – Islay Whisky

Distillery – Bruichladdich

Bottler – Bruichladdich

Bottled – September 11, 2011

Age – 10 year old Whisky

Style – Single Malt Whisky

Alcohol – 46%

Volume – 70cl

Chill Filtered? – Yes

Single Cask? – Yes

Natural Cask Strength? – Yes


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