This Oct 2011 bottling was 700mL at 62.1% and retailed for $105. Amrut has been setting the bar pretty high with their releases, and Portonova certainly doesn’t disappoint. The 62.1% punch lets you know that you are in some seriously big company.

Big full bodied dram with tons of spiciness to it. Sweet fruity butterscotch nose. Has picked up plenty of port-Portonovainess from the port pipes it spent some time in. More sweetness, chocolate, possibly a little smoke. Exceptionally long finish with one pleasant aftertaste surfacing after the next, for miles and miles. Chewy. We all agree that this a spectacular dram and can’t wait to have it again.

About Al McColl

Co-Founder of The Pacific Whisky Society, and currently the Depository Archivist of PWS: Victoria.
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