TULLIBARDINE 1966, BOTT #360/436

This little gem came to us by way of Brother Rich, who was kind enough to allow PWS: Victoria to have it at cost, despite the rarity and the fact that had long since left the shelves of any retail establishment. A decision was made to keep it for our 50th meeting, and that is just what we did. See the photos on the site for an example of the merriment.

The bottling #360 of 436 was 700mL at 49.8%, and retailed for $720. It was distilled in 66 and bottle in 06 making it a young 40 years old.

Some thoughts on Tullibardine 1966

Brother Rich was quoted as saying, “Smell’s at least as good as Catto’s.” Well that was understated. It smelled magnificent. Brothers detected Sultanas, lemon, sherry and bourbony notes. In the mouth there was more hints of bourbon, with lemon up front, and some maple sugar. Even a wisp of smoke. I’ve just checked the only other review of this dram by Matt at ScotchBlog, and it is very similar to what I had recorded in the War Diary while tasting, so I guess we have similar pallets. We did have a Brother who didn’t necessarily care for this dram, but there is always one in a crowd. The rest of us loved it. Maybe not $700 love, but love, never the less.

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