The Tyrconnell – 03 November 2014

Produced at: Cooley Whiskey Distillery.

Description: Cooley’s resurrected the Tyrconnell brand after the distillery had shut down many years prior. I was eager to try the port finish after hearing it was one of the better Irish single malts. This single malt Irish whiskey is aged in used bourbon barrels before being placed in port wine casks for an additional 6-8 months. The whiskey is produced much like a single malt Scotch would as it is double, not triple distilled.

Type: IrishWhisky
Expression: Single Malt Whisky
Age: 10 years
ABV: 46%

Tasting Notes:
Colour:Deep coppery
Nose: is fruity and thick with notes of roots, tropical fruits, mixed conserves and a green character.
Palate: is jammy and thick. There is a marked sweetness with notes of barley sugar and malt.
Finish: is sweet and long with marmalade and a little oak.

Silver: Single Malt Irish Whiskey – 2013 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
Bottle #43


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