Tasting: White Owl

I had the privilege of hosting the Fort Henry expression of the PWS in Feb/13. This would be my first foray into hosting a PWS gathering.  I found my bottle choice on the LCBO website, having somewhat of an attraction to owls, the striking features of the bottle label caught my attention. Perhaps not the most logical or well researched tact for choosing a whisky but I had to start somewhere. There is a second unique attribute of White Owl, which piqued my curiosity, it is clear, i.e. without colour.

Notes from the Bottle: Bottled by Highwood Distillers, formerly known as Sunnyvale Distillers, located in Alberta. This offering was brought to the market as an alternative to gin or vodka in mixed drinks.

Notes from the Highwood Distillers

Colour: Clear

Nose: The first impression is of Sprite™ or citrus cooler, followed by hints of grain, cereal and mash, limes and lemons, mild spirit, and a hint of anise. There’s a kind of creamy fruitiness to it.

Taste: Anise, citric flavours, especially lime and a slight bitterness. Hot cayenne & hot spices that linger a long time. Hints of oak tannins and cereal grain.

Finish: Medium-long, citric, and fading out on pepper

Notes from the tasting: Most attendees agreed that as a sipping whisky, White Owl comes up a little short. All in attendance agreed that they would certainly entertain the opportunity to re-try White Owl as a substitute for gin, vodka or even rum in a mixed drink.

Notes from the meeting: Two new members were sworn in, Denis and Ryan.

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