US Whiskey Distillery Bike Adventure pt 1

Last month, a few of the Brothers from PWS: Victoria planned and executed a motorcycle trip through Washington and Oregon to visit some of the Whiskey Distilleries in those States. Sorry, that is not entirely true. A few of the Brothers did plan a motorcycle trip through Washington and Oregon, but at the end of the planning, only a couple of those Brothers were able to execute the plan and actually go on the trip.

Brother Rob, one of the planned participants, was forced to bow out as he had sold his bike previously, and quickly exhausted all avenues of acquiring the right replacement bike before the trip. Brother Rich, having also sold his bike recently, was able to find the right  replacement bike, but was unable to keep it rubber-side-down. During a familiarization ride with a buddy, he was accosted by a hoard of rabbits . His bike did not survive the rabbits’ onslaught. Despite the adversity, Greg and I decided to push on as a duo.

Greg and Al. Photo op. The Washington Coast.

Greg and Al on the beach, Ocean Shores, WA











We two loaded our gear onto our bikes and hit the Coho ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles, WA. Before even getting off the ferry, the fog rolled in, and as you can see by the photos above, it was foggy or overcast all throughout Washington, and didn’t let up until Newport Oregon. It was mighty cold as well. At one point we laughed at passing a sign reading, “Entering ‘Arctic’,” as we were certain we had been there for some time already. After a long day of riding, we called it a day in Raymond, WA, and hit the local establishment for some refreshments and fare.


A US dollar bill letting the patrons know that the PWS had been there

The Top Notch Tavern, home of the TNT Burger, was a warm and welcoming place to have a dram or two, despite it being open-mic night. We left a little something to show that we were here as well. Over the years, the walls had been covered with dollar bills, and the smoke and tavern atmosphere had coated the bills with such a funk, that the owner was forced to take, all but a select few down. We were honoured when the waitress from Olympia, WA (with the Olympia Beer tattoo) told us that we could put one up. (No, she didn’t know Courtney Love, but her sister may have.)


A Serial Killer is just a friend you haven’t met yet. the Top Notch Tavern in Raymond WA

As this was a goodwill trip, we socialized well with the locals; even the ones we strongly suspected of being serial killers.


The wonderful still at the Rogue Distillery.

Rogue House of Spirits Distillery, Newport, OR.





We were on a mission to make it to the Rogue House of Spirits for a very specific time, in order to take a guided tour and tasting afterward. Turns out the distillery had recently switched to winter hours, and was good and truly closed when we arrived. Never letting a little thing like that stop us, we broke in and looked around on our own. Just kidding. The door was ajar, and the super kind employees within let us in to snap a few shots before giving us a bumper sticker for the old War Chest. Not being able to sample the whiskey wares  at the distillery wasn’t a big deal as it turns out, as we were later to head to the Rogue Ales Public House, where they had absolutely every Rogue product to sample including their Single Malt and Dead Guy Whiskeys.

Greg happy to be off his bike, hamming it up at Rogue House of Spirits


Al tasting Rogue Chatoe Single Malt and Dead Guy Whiskey at Rogue Ales Public House.










After sampling our fill of good whiskey and great beer, (and after taking Greg for 20 bucks at pool), we stumbled up the hill to the hotel to get a little rest before our jump to Portland, where we had a date with Westmoreland Liquor, the only source for Port Charlotte 8 within 2500km of Victoria. To be cont…


5 Responses to US Whiskey Distillery Bike Adventure pt 1

  1. Rob Nicolson says:

    Sounds like a fantastic trip! Well done on the post too!.

  2. Mike Butler says:

    I am green with envy. Whisky bike trips from in the West are great. This makes me think I should write something up from our Dry Fly trip.

  3. Alecia says:

    I randomly came across this site on google looking for reviews and I am completely flattered that you mentioned me. Your crowd was one of a kind and you guys are welcome to put a dollar “anywhere” you would like to next time. Just a heads up our name has changed to Pitchwood Alehouse but the atmosphere, food and service are still “Top Notch”. Come back and see us soon!

    Oly Girl

  4. Carlos says:

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