Park Lane 12 Yrs (1964) – 4 February 2014

Produced at: Corby Distillery.

Description: As a fitting tribute to this blend of rare Canadian Whiskies, Corby developed this decanter fashioned after an original 19th Century antique hand-cut lead crystal decanter.

Type: Whisky/Whiskey, Canadian Blend Malt Scotch
Expression: Very Special
Age: 1964 (12 Yrs)
ABV: 40%

Tasting Notes:

Colour: Rich amber
Nose: Alcohol on the nose with sweet vanilla and fruitiness
Palate: Subtle sweetness with mild mellow oak
Finish: Relatively short and not complex


Bottle #32

60%  of our Expression members in attendance loved this whisky!

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3 Responses to Park Lane 12 Yrs (1964) – 4 February 2014

  1. Ann L. Laberge says:

    1953 Park Lane Canadian Whiskey where would we be able to get information on how much it’s valued for.

  2. Jeanne Hudson says:

    I have an intact unopened bottle. Even the paper seal is intact.

    • Antonio Stavole says:

      I have a mint bottle an unopened with seal box etc.

      Also have a Jack Daniels 1 3/4 liter bottle, sealed unopened with limited edition ticket and box, mint.

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