Old Pulteney 21 — 16 October 2012

Brothers of PWS: Victoria were treated to a spectacular bottling of Old Pulteney 21 this past week.

The Pulteney Distillery has been making whisky since 1826, in the far north of Scotland in the town of Wick. As an idea of how long ago 1826 was, here are some other goings on from the same year.

The Rideau Canal was begun; The American Temperance Society was founded; Beethoven finished his String Quartet in C Sharp Minor.

The 21 year old expression from this distillery was given the honour of being selected by Jim Murray, as the 2012 Whisky of the Year in his Bible. Only the third time a single malt has captured the title, and Pulteney 21 did so with a record tying 97.5pts. It was a marriage of spirit aged in bourbon casks with that aged in American oak ex sherry casks, primarily Fino (driest, palest sherry) casks.

This particular expression seemed to stray from Jim’s tendency to choose big, bold whiskies as WOTY, as this one is much more subtle, but oh so complex. The Brothers were able to identify briny salt, apples, grapes, vanilla, citrus fruit, honey, lavender, barley, hints of smoke, chocolate, pear, mildly spicy. What a deep, gorgeous whisky with a finish that seemed to last an eternity.

Country – Scotland

Region – Highland

Distillery – Old Pulteney

Age – 21 Year Old

Style – Single Malt

Alcohol – 46%

Volume – 70cl

Chill Filtered? – No

Cost — $208

Recommended? — Absolutely!


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