Glenmorangie- The Nectar d’Or , April 25th, 2013

At our most recent tasting, the Ottawa expression of PWS enjoy a Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky created by a distillery that can lay claim to both the tallest stills in Scotland at 16’10” and the pioneers in the practice of wood finishing, Glenmorangie.

Meaning “the golden drink of the Gods”, The Nectar d’Or replaced the discontinued Madeira. It is initially matured for 10 years in bourbon casks of American oak that were coopered in the Ozarks of Missouri, and then leased to a specific Tennessee distillery for four years before being shipped to Scotland. The spirit is then finished for an additional two years in French wine barriques called Sauternes giving the whisky a lemony gold colour.

Tasting notes from the group included: a nose of citrus, honey, pitted fruit, bourbon and spice; a medium body with a creamy texture mouth feel; a palate of an Asian spice (ginger), custard, apricot, lemon and orange citrus; and a long and spicy finish with lingering citrus fruits. As a sommelier in training, I’m always looking for food pairing ideas with our whiskys. For this tasting the group enjoyed their 2nd dram with dark chocolate and shortbread cookies, and given it is finished in French dessert wine Sauternes, it would also pair well with a creamy dessert such as crème brulé.

Well worth the value, this bottle was picked up at LCBO for $89.30, and although it is listed as a limited supply item, there were still 276 units available as of May 4, 2013.

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