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The Society in all its expressions exist to taste new and wonderful whiskies. This category serves to amalgamate all the tastings of the various expressions into one all encompassing list.

Masterson’s 10 Yrs – 23 June 2014

Produced at: Alberta Distillery. Description: Bat Masterson was born in Canada, but made his fame in the US as a frontier lawman in the American Old West. Masterson’s 10 Year Old was born in Canada, but got it’s name (and bottling, … Continue reading

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Bain’s Cape Mountain – 26 May 2014

Produced at: James Sedgewick Distillery is located in Wellington, South Africa. Description: It was founded in 1886 on the Berg River after several years of importing and selling spirits. The distillery is owned by Distell. Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky was … Continue reading

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Glenfarclas 30 Yrs – 2 May 2014

Produced at: Glenfarclas Distillery (Speyside)
Description: Established in 1836, Glenfarclas is one of the very few remaining independent, family owned and managed distilleries in Scotland. The story of Glenfarclas is as rich and colourful as the whisky that bears its name. It is the story of one family, the Grants, who since purchasing the distillery in 1865, have been united in the creation of the perfect Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky. Glenfarclas, the `Glen of the Green Grassland’, is situated at the foot of the majestic Ben Rinnes, in the heart of Speyside’s Malt Whisky Country. By using the finest ingredients, combined with traditional distillation methods, the unforgettable flavour of Glenfarclas is created. Rigorous quality controls ensure each and every batch is as special as the last. Specially selected Spanish sherry casks and American plain oak casks are used for maturation, enabling Glenfarclas Single Highland Malt Scotch Whiskies to be bottled at natural colour. The ages bottled include the 10, 12, 15, 21, 25, 30 years old, and the distinctive 105 Cask Strength at 60% alc/vol. Glenfarclas Single Malts are full bodied, smooth, full of flavour, and superb as after-dinner malts. Continue reading

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GlenDronach 12 Yrs – 7 April 2014

Produced at: The Benriach Distillery Company Ltd
Description: Glendronach is a distillery located at the far eastern point of the Speyside region. It is located in the village of Forgue, close to the town in Huntly, in the county of Aberdeenshire. The whisky produced at The production capacity of the distillery is 1.3 million litres per annum and the current owners are the Benriach Distillery Company, who took control in 2008. They have resurrected the fortunes of the ailing distillery by refurbishing, increasing production, expanding the core range of single malts and their exposure to a wider audience. Glendronach whisky has traditionally been held in high regard by blending companies and is currently a major constituent in the popular Teacher’s and Ballantine’s blends. Continue reading

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Tullamore Dew – 17 March 2014

Produced at: Tullamore Dew Company LTD, Tullamore County Offaly, Ireland.

Description: Tullamore Dew is a smooth and malty Irish whiskey that has been distilled in the small town of Tullamore in County Offaly since 1829. It is tagged as “The Legendary Irish Whiskey” and while it is not the oldest whiskey of its kind (Bushmills claims that title), Tullamore Dew is rich with history and a favourite for many whiskey drinkers for a good reason: it’s a fine Irish whiskey. Continue reading

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Green Spot – 25 February 2014

Produced at: the Midleton (Jameson) distillery.

Description: Green Spot Irish Whiskey is one of the rarest and finest whiskies in the world today. Produced by the Midleton (Jameson) distillery for the famed Dublin wine merchants, Mitchell & Son, production is limited to 500 cases a year. A blend of seven and eight year old pure pot still whiskies (essentially, whiskies made from both malted and unmalted barley, distilled in a pot still and not cut with grain whiskey), 25% of this whiskey is finished in sherry casks while the remainder ages in used bourbon barrels. Green Spot is the last remaining whiskey from the age when merchants would purchase barrels from distilleries and bottle them as their own product rather than a product of the distillery.
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Park Lane 12 Yrs (1964) – 4 February 2014

Produced at: Corby Distillery.

Description: As a fitting tribute to this blend of rare Canadian Whiskies, Corby developed this decanter fashioned after an original 19th Century antique hand-cut lead crystal decanter.
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Nikka 15 yrs – 14 January 2014

Produced at: Miyagikyo Distillery.

Description: Miyagikyo Distillery, on the island of Honshu, near the city of Sendai, is the larger but lesser known distillery of the Nikka group, producing a mild and virtually unpeated malt. Its location was chosen for its high humidity levels, similar to those of Scotland. Miyagikyo 15 years is the oldest version in the range, which consists of a NAS version, 10 years old, 12 years old and 15 years old.
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Auchentoshan 12 yrs – 02 December 2013

Produced at: Auchentoshan Distillery.

Description: A more recent release from the Auchentoshan distillery, replacing the previous staple 10 year old, this 12 year old bottling exhibits the new, slightly Imperial aesthetics Auchentoshan have rebranded themselves with. Triple distilled then matured for over twelve years. Our Lowland Single Malt Whisky has the tempting aroma of toasted almonds, caramelised toffee and the signature smooth, delicate. Continue reading

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Woodford Reserve Four Wood – 05 November 2013

Produced at: Woodford Reserve Distillery.
Description: Your Master’s Collection is an intriguing idea in principle – one limited release every year or so that focuses on playing with one of the “five sources of flavor – grain, water, fermentation, distillation, and maturation.” This is the seventh edition, and the twist this time is that the Woodford Reserve bourbon was aged in four types of wood – American oak as the original aging barrel to maturity, then maple, Sherry barrels, and Port barrels for finishing before blending together. “As with all previous Masters Collections, Four Wood is a limited release with just 336 bottles available for sale nationally.”
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