6 Dec 12- Amrut Fusion, India

Named for its fusion of Indian malt from Punjab and Rajasthan, and peated malt from Scotland, Amrut Fusion was rate the world’s 3rd best whisky by Jim Murray in 2010. Both malts are mashed, distilled and matured separately in American Oak barrels until their peak around four years later. Finally, the peated and unpeated spirits are combined and finished in previously used bourbon barrels for another three to six months. An accelerated maturation is facilitated by the high altitude and hot weather of India, resulting in a rich end product that calls into question its young age.

Its smokey nose, with a hint of sweetness, paves the way for an unpronounced peaty flavour.  Additional tasting notes of hazelnut, vanilla and oak, along with a spicy finish were also mentioned by tasters. This whisky seemed to have well defined flavour at the start and finish, but it was a bit confused in between. Amrut Fusion pairs nicely with anything smokey and tasters enjoyed their second dram with apple smoked cheddar, smoked salmon and smoked blue cheese.

So did Amrut Fusion live up to its high rating? Of the eight tasters on hand, the majority agreed it’s definitely a whisky worth tasting again.

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