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GlenDronach 12 Yrs – 7 April 2014

Produced at: The Benriach Distillery Company Ltd
Description: Glendronach is a distillery located at the far eastern point of the Speyside region. It is located in the village of Forgue, close to the town in Huntly, in the county of Aberdeenshire. The whisky produced at The production capacity of the distillery is 1.3 million litres per annum and the current owners are the Benriach Distillery Company, who took control in 2008. They have resurrected the fortunes of the ailing distillery by refurbishing, increasing production, expanding the core range of single malts and their exposure to a wider audience. Glendronach whisky has traditionally been held in high regard by blending companies and is currently a major constituent in the popular Teacher’s and Ballantine’s blends. Continue reading

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