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This Oct 2011 bottling was 700mL at 62.1% and retailed for $105. Amrut has been setting the bar pretty high with their releases, and Portonova certainly doesn’t disappoint. The 62.1% punch lets you know that you are in some seriously … Continue reading

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Spicebox Whisky Ginger Ice Cream by PWS Ottawa member Stacey Cronin.

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Crown Royal Extra Rare – November 13, 2012

Date Tasted: November 13, 2012 Whisky / Whiskey: Crown Royal Expression: Extra Rare Distiller: Seagrams Distillery Type: Whisky Country / Region: Canada Bottling Size: 750 ml ABV: 40% Cost (Cdn): $180.15 *Info from archived Whisky Records*

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Canadian whisky is cool again

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Crown Royal: another branch to the family tree ‹ Whisky Drinker

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The Whisky Wire: Whisky Insiders Interview – Drew Mayville

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Glen Breton, Battle of the Glen — 5 November 2012

This whisky was born out of a success story that many of you are aware of. Glenora Distillery, is a Canadian whisky distillery in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and was the first distillery in North America to produce a single … Continue reading

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The Spirits of Kingston Whisky Festival 23 February 2013

Calling all whisky and whiskey lovers.  I am definitely going to this premiere whisky fest in Kingston. Don’t miss out.

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Wine and Whisky Tasting 14 Nov 12 – Darcy Magees – Orleans

While at dinner today at Darcy Magees – Orleans we discovered this poster announcing a wine and whisky tasting. I signed up and there is still room for any other PWSers who might be in the area and available on … Continue reading

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26 Oct 12 – PWS Ottawa: An Open Meeting

On a fine Friday evening we met to show case the PWS concept to prospective members.  Richard Tremblay and Stacey Cronin were our guests for the evening which involved an explanation of PWS and how it was formed as well … Continue reading

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