What Whisky cannot cure, there is no cure for.
Irish Proverb
A little about us...
Who We Are

Over the years, our members have individually gathered, gulped, pursued and enjoyed many different whiskies and spirits.  Two members in particular Al and Mike noticed a large number of friends and associates appreciated things whisky as much as they did.  They took it upon themselves to gather together 12 enthusiasts to band together as a group of “Brothers in Whisky” who could combine resources and forces in order to enjoy rare and expensive spirits not otherwise attainable. As time passes and new expressions form across the country and indeed the world, it is clear that the initial idea was a good one.  We have shared many fantastic whiskies and attended the Victoria Whisky Fest and Jim Murray’s Swirl Event at the Fairmont Empress Hotel.


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Where We Are

PWS expressions are located in Victoria BC, Barrie ON, Ottawa ON, Kingston ON. Coming soon, Stuttgart Germany.

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Although each of our expressions operates with its own flair, there is a common structure.  Meetings are held approximately every three weeks where a whisky from  a previously specified region of the world is presented and tasted. There is a little business discussed at the beginning of each meeting but most of the 2 hour meeting is for whisky, networking and socializing .


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